Do you need to make some changes?


Are there love, work, family, or personal circumstances that you would like to discuss? Are you having symptoms that are causing you distress or interfering with your daily life? Are there changes that you wish to make or life transitions you are trying to get through?

I can help! I will help you get beyond whatever holds you back, help you manage and overcome any symptoms you might be having, and work with you towards the changes you wish to make.

I have doctoral level training in clinical psychology and many years of experience helping people make change. I am a licensed counselor (LMHC) in the state of Rhode Island.

Contact me for in-person (Providence area), telephone, or on-line meetings. Insurances accepted for face to face sessions only.

For an appointment, call Mike at 401-742-8170 or just respond via email to



 STRESS, EMOTIONS, WORRIES:Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Self Injury, Self Esteem, Managing Stress, Anger and Impulse Control, Addiction, Disturbing Thoughts                     

RELATIONSHIPS:Making Decisions about Relationships, Dating/Social Life, Maintaining or Ending Relationships, Changing Your Own Behaviors, Nurturing/Improving Your Relationships, Communication, Understanding your Partner

CAREER OR ACADEMICS:Career or Academic Decisions and Planning, Career Transitions/ Retirement, Job Satisfaction and Effectiveness

LIFE:Life Transitions/Adjusting to New Roles, Becoming More Assertive, Getting Unstuck, Balancing Priorities. Pursuing Dreams



"First, I want to give you a great big hug!

You have been a fundamental component in my life for the last few months. You have seen me at my worst, listened to my pain, acknowledged my experiences, felt for me, been angry for me, concerned for me, and cared for me. You have been a safe place for me. This may be silly to you, but I don’t feel like I have to “give” you anything in exchange for your care and concern. This means more than words. You have a very powerful position Mike, and could take advantage of so many people. You don’t. That gives me hope. Not all men take what they want… I knew this intellectually but hadn’t really experienced it. This is why I had picked a female psychologist   – I was very afraid of being vulnerable to a male and being taken advantage of.

I know this sounds kind of flip – it’s said so often, but I don’t say this. You know you literally have saved my life – but also in the experience sense. I have so far to go, definitely, but I see potential. You helped me find that hope and potential. How do you thank someone for giving you hope? I don’t know that I can. I hope you understand…

I won’t write more, although I could go on and on and on... just thank you. Last night I felt so much relief when I came to you. You knew me – you knew my life and my experiences and my feelings. It was a connection I haven’t really had. I didn’t feel shame. I only felt acceptance, connection, and understanding. You have given me a great gift Mike."




"I found Doctor Hodosh to be an excellent therapist who is very down to earth, easy to talk to, empathic and non-judgemental. He is intuitive and able to help guide my conversation in a way that helps me makes sense of my situation. He is very intelligent and has a big heart and is able to repond with advice that is practical and right on target. I would recommend Michael to anyone seeking help with problems in their life."



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